Paul Simon + Flight Facilities and Two Door Cinema Club + Chainsmokers

I discovered these two songs recently (from the brilliant Et Musique Pour Tous) and I wanted to have them here for my convenience 🙂

I love Paul Simon, mostly because my mom loves Paul Simon.  I also dig some other remixes done by Flight Facilities.  What a great combination!  It captures the spirit of the original song while adding a little bit of…other worldliness.  I can’t quite figure it out, but it is fantastic.  I also appreciate the usage of the word ‘Edit’ instead of ‘remix’.  ‘Edit’ seems more appropriate here.

I don’t listen to much Two Door Cinema Club outside of when it pops up on my internet radio stations, but I really love the singer’s voice.  Perhaps I should spend more time listening to their music.  I have never heard of The Chainsmokers before, but I want to learn more!


Et Musique Pour Tous – The best music blog ever

The Chainsmokers FB page – Their homepage isn’t very useful, so this seemed better.